Top Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations

We become so emotionally attached to our Christmas decorations, whether it is a treasured angel made when the children were little, or beautiful glass ornaments that you remind you of your own childhood Christmases. In this article we share the best tips and advice on how to store your decorations, so they stay in good shape year after year.

Reuse Packaging

One simple trick is to keep the original packaging and simply put your decorations back in the original box for safe keeping. You just need to make sure that you are careful as you unpack your decorations initially. For added security store these in an old suitcase to prevent damage from jostling.

Purpose Made Storage

What, though, if you don’t have the original packaging?  In that case you can readily purchase specific decoration storage solutions quite readily online or in shops. We were surprised to find that B&Q, for example sell Christmas light storage bags complete with plastic inserts around which you can wrap your lights and keep them tangle free.  They even have a really handy ornament storage box with individual compartments to hold your tree ornaments.

DIY Christmas Decoration Storage

An alternative, cost free way to store your Christmas decorations safely is to use old egg boxes for your smaller baubles. Surely if they are perfect for storing eggs then your prized baubles will be as safe as houses! For larger baubles, use old shoe boxes and some cardboard dividers. Simply cut out the cardboard to size and cut slits in so that you can link the carboard into boxed segments.  Add some loo roll or kitchen roll for protection and place your baubles in the cushioned segments.  Another great idea for storing baubles is to get some toilet roll or kitchen roll inserts and cut them down and stick them to a piece of cardboard to form a bottom.  You can then place your baubles into the inserts and stack them into a box nice and safely. Alternatively use plastic cups as shown in this handy Christmas Ornament Storage Guide. A great tip is to store the same colours in the same boxes and label them, that way you know exactly which box has which coloured ornaments.

You can do something similar for your lights. Cut slits into some carboard lengths and wrap your lights around the cardboard as shown in Heart handmade who have some great storage ideas for your festive lights. You can also take the inserts from your Christmas wrapping paper and wrap the lights around that to ensure they stay tangle free.

Christmas Tree Storage

What about your Christmas tree? Again, the best solution is to keep your original box, re-pack the tree and then re-seal it with tape to keep it sealed against the elements.  If you don’t have the original box then you can simply use cling film to wrap your tree, if it has fold out branches which can be squeezed back. You can also buy some great Christmas tree storage bags like this one from Argos.

Wreath Storage

If you have a lovely Wreath hanging on your door then you will want look after it until next year. If you slip the hanging hoop over a coat hanger and then wrap the wreath in a plastic bag you can then hang it up in your garage or a wardrobe. The top tip here is that you must ensure to hang it when you store it. That stops anything being placed on top of it.

Whether you invest in some tailor-made storage solutions or make your own Christmas Decoration storage, these great tips you will keep your precious Christmas decorations safe and sound for years to come!

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