Top Tips for living in shared accommodation

Whether you’re a student or an independent individual taking on the big city, shared living isn’t as bad as people may say.

Shared living isn’t always the easiest, however depending on different circumstances sometimes you simply have no other option. In an ideal scenario you end up living with a great bunch of people, who share similar interests, have the same interior taste and eat the same foods. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case, and often you end up in post it note wars and arguing over who’s going to do the washing up. For that reason we have come up with a few tips to help you ‘roomies’ live in harmony- take a look below.

1. Set some ground rules.
This saves time, arguments and sometimes money. Whether you are living with a friend or a stranger, take the time to have a conversation about living habits- being aware of each other’s needs will make living a lot more peaceful.

2. Take note of everyone’s schedules.
Be aware that not everyone works 9-5 and if your roommate works late hours be cautious of any extra noise- I don’t think they will appreciate the breakfast show blaring on the radio at 7am, whilst you make your toast. It may also be worth creating a bathroom rota to avoid the morning shower fight.

3. Sharing is only caring if it has been arranged.
Don’t think they will notice? Trust me they will. Avoid eating others food out of the fridge and pinching peoples toothpaste, unless you have come to some sort of an agreement on household items.

4. Pull your weight on household chores.
Be it taking out the bins, hoovering or doing the washing up- make sure you are all contributing to keeping your home clean. If this is difficult to arrange, consider a wall chart to organise yourselves.

5. Make time to be social
Take an interest in each other’s lives, and make the time to be sociable. Organise a house dinner and film night, or if you are into fitness why not all go on a run or to the gym.

Whether you’re a student or an independent individual taking on the big city, shared living isn’t as bad as people may say. Take it with a pinch of salt, it’s your home too so enjoy it!

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