Time to move?

It's perfectly natural to see a nice house and then realise you desperately want to move. Sometimes, however, it's a little harder to decide if you want to move...or if you're ready for the upheaval!

It’s perfectly natural to see a nice house and then realise you desperately want to move. Sometimes, however, it’s a little harder to decide if you want to move…or if you’re ready for the upheaval! Here are 5 signs you’re probably ready to pack up and move on to pastures new.

Is anybody out there?

If your kids are…well, no longer kids and have fledged the nest for their own adventures, you might be left in a big house that you’re simply going to rattle around in. Whilst it’s nice to have a spare room or two, you don’t want too much excess space, remember if it’s just the two of you left, you’ll be unnecessarily heating all of those additional rooms! When you’re heating empty rooms, you might as well be burning money…and it’s probably time to look at downsizing to something a little more realistic for the two of you.

The commute

Need we say more? The dreaded commute is something you often say you can deal with when moving into your dream house. However, when delayed trains and motorways that look like car parks start to take their toll, that easy commute starts to become something of a total migraine. If you’re spending more time wishing you were at home rather than actually being home, maybe it’s time to look at somewhere a little closer to the office. Home life is extremely important…especially when you’re paying out on a mortgage! 

Room to breathe

We brits love a queue, but when it comes to queueing for the bathroom in your own home, there’s no amount of tutting or foot-tapping in the world that would compensate! With growing kids and a growing family comes hallway congestion – admittedly you could look at turning a room into an extra bathroom, but realistically will that happen? Sometimes you have to admit that as a family you’ve outgrown your house and it’s time to find somewhere a bit more spacious, so you start to brush your teeth in peace!

‘Pass me the hammer’

When your house starts to get a bit older, things inevitably start to need fixing or replacing. However, if War & Peace becomes shorter than you DIY to-do list, then you might want to look at upgrading and finding yourself somewhere new. DIY can cost time and money, in some instances, it can cost quite a bit! Do some sums and if it works out cheaper to cut your losses and move on, it’s probably time to take action.

Places change!

Sometimes the place you fell in love with changes, whether due to new commuter routes, or a loss of local resources, it’s a real shame but places can change! If you don’t spend much time in the area it is likely something you can live with, however, if all of your time is spent in the area, you’re going to notice it going downhill! If you’ve fallen out of love with the area but have fallen in love with somewhere a few miles down the road, take a look at your options and if moving is viable, maybe it’s time to take the leap! If you need to work within walking distance, maybe see if there’s another side of the town or somewhere on the outskirts.

Situations change, and your local Belvoir property expert will be able to handle your move from start to finish. They understand your local property market, and they understand people and will ensure you’re looked after through the process of selling your home, and finding a new home. Click here to find and contact your local Belvoir office.

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