The Topsey Turvey Property Mix in Bracknell

Having been a self-confessed property nerd and Landlord for many years I have found the wide and ...

Having been a self-confessed property nerd and Landlord for many years I have found the wide and varied properties of the UK fascinating along with the regional differences in architecture and building materials through different periods of time. From the granite stone used in Scotland to the rows of brick built terraces throughout many city centres of the Victorian era, they all have their charm.

I was having a chat with a Landlord earlier this week and we were discussing the history of Bracknell property and found that Bracknell bucks the national trend in almost every measure.

For example, nationally the highest proportion of properties are semi-detached at 31% yet in Bracknell Forest it is only 21%.

Detached houses make up 27% which is 5% higher than the national average whilst terraced housing is a whopping 8% higher than the national average at 32%

Flats and apartments are broadly in line with the average at 19% against 22% nationally.

I believe these topsey turvey figures, where we seem to be the polar opposite of national trends, are due to our history of being a ‘New Town’.

Prior to the Second World War, Bracknell was a small rural village missing out on the building booms of the Victorian era and the 1930’s which occurred in the urban towns and cities.

Once Bracknell was designated as a ‘New Town’ there was a massive building programme for decades as the population grew by 467% between 1951 and 2001.

The terraced houses built through that period are typical for their time and you can track the changing styles from Priestwood to Hanworth and more recently to Jennetts Park.

So what of the future?

Well, the long overdue regeneration of Bracknell town centre will be a massive boost to the area as will the proposals for the now demolished 3M site and Amber House.

The development of the TRL site will also diminish the boundary between Bracknell and Crowthorne further. Of course we must hope that the local infrastructure keeps pace which is not always the case as the residents of Jennetts Park will testify, as they still wait for the local shops to be built……

If you would like a chat about how this affects perceptions, prices and rents in and around Bracknell why not pop in to our office on Market Street.

Belvoir Bracknell don’t sell property, we are lettings specialists, but we do guide people based on our experience as to what might make a good buy to let property investment in the Bracknell, Wokingham, Crowthorne and Binfield area. We don’t charge for this service but we would like to manage your property or help you find great tenants. If you would like to have an impartial chat why not pop into our office in Market Street, Bracknell or ring 01344 209088.

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