Summer Home Style Quiz: What Summer Style Are You?

We are well into summer, and I am sure you have all been updating your home with summer interiors. We want to know your summer style, take our quiz below!

1) What colours do you prefer when it comes to styling your interiors? 

A - Warm earthy tones, such as burnt orange, blush pink and golden yellows

B - Vivid bright shades 

C - Natural aesthetics and simple colouring 

2) Which of these pieces of wall art would you chose to have on your wall? 

A - Woven wall hanging 

B - A busy canvas taking centre stage

C - Simple typography print

3) What is your essential home accessory? 

A - Large rustic rug 

B - A selection of funky ornaments 

C - A simple plant 

4) Lighting... what would you go for? 

A - Mood lighting such as fairy lights and candles 

B - Florescent lighting 

C - Classic statement light


5) When it comes to home decor, what do you believe in? 

A - Balanced is the one 

B - Busier the better 

C - Less is more

6) Your summer bedroom, what does it look like? 

A - Full of fine textures and soft fabrics to create a relaxing decor 

B - Bursting with summer colour 

C - Sophisticated with a refreshing vibe

Time to reveal your summer style... 


Mostly A - Bohemian Chic 

You are carefree, relaxed and enjoy expressing your individual style. Warm earthy colours are common, as are metallic and jewel tones. You aren't afraid to mix and match, and love to combine materials and layer textures. It is about the sleek rustic look, not damaged but not shiny and brand new either- you love a vintage find! 

Mostly B - Bright & Bold 

Colour pops are so your thing and are a great way to reflect your personal style- the busier the better is definitely your way of thinking! You love the break the rules, have a little fun and inject some personality into your decorating. You carry this out in a sophisticated manner, and maintain a sense of balance by mixing old, new, colour, texture and pattern. 

Mostly C - Natural Minimalist 

Your home is your perfect, peaceful hub. Mixing natural and organic, whilst embracing contemporary sophistication- you really know how to create a refreshing vibe. You like to use soothing, natural colours alongside modern interiors and like to think of inspiring ways to bring the outdoors into your home- your clean and fresh approach is very welcoming. 

Image Credit: all images have been taken from Pinterest

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