Network monitoring reveals that 100% Belvoir offices now provide Client Money Protection

"This is fantastic news and something that I am very proud of," says Dorian Gonsalves. "In my ex...

“This is fantastic news and something that I am very proud of,” says Dorian Gonsalves.

“In my experience other franchise networks do not have anywhere near the attitude or approach to standards and compliance as we at Belvoir do. I am incredibly pleased that our franchise owners have achieved 100% membership across the network to Safeagent, ARLA or RICS.

“The vast majority of the network belongs to Safeagent, and when you consider that historically we have had anywhere between 70-75% of the network with full CMP cover I cannot emphasise enough how proud I am to see our standards raised to such a degree.

“Ultimately the benefit of this is that our clients are able to deal with Belvoir safe in the knowledge that they are fully protected and have access to consumer redress via an Ombudsman scheme. Few of our competitors have achieved this and our benchmark standards are now at the
highest level.

“I would like to offer a huge thank you to the network for working in partnership with the audit team. We have invested heavily in previous years to support the network and improve standards and together we have made
significant progress.”

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