How Often Do We Move?

The process of moving home is a significant event in anyone’s life. It can signal a new chapter, a change in lifestyle, or simply the need for more or less space. In the UK, our perceptions of how often we move compared to the reality often differ. Thanks to data from Dataloft and the findings from the Property Academy Home Moving Trends Survey 2023, we can delve into the patterns and frequencies of home moving in Britain.

Expectations vs Reality: The Surprising Frequency of Home Moves

One striking revelation from the survey is the contrast between what we expect and what actually happens. While only 23% of home movers anticipate relocating within the next six years, the statistics show that a third are likely to do so. This figure is even more pronounced among first-time buyers, with 43% thinking they’ll stay in their first home for six years or less. In reality, however, only 37% remain for this duration.

The Dream of a ‘Forever Home’

The concept of a ‘forever home’ remains a strong aspiration for many. About 31% of home movers envisage their new property as being their lifelong residence. Yet, the reality paints a different picture, with just 28% staying in one home for over two decades. This discrepancy highlights the dynamic nature of our lives and how our housing needs evolve over time.

Reasons Behind Moving: Size and Lifestyle Changes

When it comes to the motivations for moving, the survey offers some interesting insights. The primary reason for selling a property is to downsize, accounting for 18% of moves. This is closely followed by the desire to upsize (16%) and a change of scenery or lifestyle (15%). These statistics reflect the diverse needs of homeowners at different stages of their lives, from seeking more space for a growing family to finding a more manageable property in later years.

Understanding the Data: A Closer Look at Home Moving Trends

The data from Dataloft and the Property Academy Home Moving Trends Survey provide valuable insights for estate agents and homebuyers alike. Understanding these trends can help in making informed decisions about property investments and recognising the fluid nature of our housing requirements.

The Role of Estate Agents in Facilitating Moves

Estate agents play a crucial role in this dynamic housing market. We not only assist in finding the right property but also help in understanding the market trends and making the moving process as smooth as possible. With our expertise, we can guide buyers and sellers through the complexities of the property market, ensuring that each move aligns with the individual’s lifestyle and long-term plans.

Moving home is more than just a physical transition; it’s a significant life event. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking to downsize, or seeking a change of scenery, understanding the frequency and reasons behind home moves can provide valuable context for your own journey.

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