Garden Games

With us all staying safe at home and not being able to go out to parks or other open spaces, our gardens have suddenly become a large area of focus to give us the fresh air we need.

Of course, just sitting in the garden isn't always the excitement and activity that our children crave. To be fair, we adults also quite like to do more than simply sit around. To help keep the little (and not so little) ones entertained whilst we are all staying at home we have created this article where we look at some of the best garden games.


Swing ball in a timeless classic for two players. Its remarkably easy to set up by either slipping the ground spike into your lawn or by filling up a baseplate with water or sand and putting the pole in there. Make sure you have enough space for the ball to swing and for big hitters and then simply play tennis without worrying about the plants and windows.

Giant Draughts/Chess

Draughts and chess are a real favourite at the best of times but with these large draughts set and this large chess set you can take your fun outside. The weatherproof board and pieces will withstand whatever the British weather throws at them and will keep you occupied for hours.


Ludo is a simple four player game for all the family, well at least 4 of you. Starting in your home base, you have to move your counters by rolling the dice and the first person to get all their counters into the centre wins. This giant outdoor Ludo is perfect for taking this game out into the garden.

Garden Darts

If you are looking for something with an element of skill, then this great garden darts game is a lot of fun. Please the two hoops as far away as you want, obviously the further away, the harder it will be to get points. Choose your colour darts and see who can get closest to the bull’s eye.

Canonball Drop

Everyone remembers Kerplunk don’t they? Many straws randomly inserted across a cylinder with lots of marbles resting on the straws. Each person takes a turn to remove a straw of their colour. The winner is the one who ends up with the least number of marbles at the end. Now imagine a giant version of this game which can be used in the garden. Well that is now a reality and is called Canonball Drop. It is exactly the same just supersized!


If you are feeling really adventurous and spritely you could have a go at this inflatable Limbo game. Put on your best Hawaiian costume, make up some mocktails and put on the summer music and see who can go down low. Be careful, though, we don't want anyone to put their backs out!

Racing Water Slide

For those really warm days, where you want to cool down but also indulge in some healthy competition this racing water slide is a must. At 4.73m long, with two lanes, two people can slide at the same time. The first person to hit the bumper at the end wins. Use the inflatable boogie boards for stability and simply connect the slide to a hose for a continuous water spray and you are ready for some face paced water fun.

Traditional Outdoor Games

What about reviving some of our childhood classics and teaching your own children, try hop scotch, hide and seek, Mother May I, What’s the Time Mr Wolf, Leap Frog or even British Bulldog - if you’ve got the numbers in your household. The great thing about these games is that not only do you get to relive a piece of your own childhood, but they do not require expensive equipment, nor will you have to wait for a delivery.

Being stuck at home can seem like a little bit restrictive but it is the perfect opportunity to get out into the garden and have some great quality family fun with the whole family.

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