Extend Your Summer with Tropical Décor

If you want to add some sunshine and fun to your next home design project, the latest tropical décor trend is something you should take a closer look at.

Defined by spiritually uplifting colours and patterns and more than just a little wild, it’s not for everyone. But for those who like their interior design to come with that wow factor, there’s plenty to choose from.

What is Tropical Décor?

Bold banana leaf wallpapers, colours that clash and plenty of kitsch define tropical décor and you canlet your imagination run wild. That’s part of the fun, however, whether you’re transforming the whole house or just a room or two.

Tropical décor is all about bringing the outside, wilder world, indoors. Yellow shades combined with greens and browns with the odd splash of pink and red create walls that really draw the eye. While the basic premise is to be bold and daring, there’s also room for subtlety, especially in your choice of fixtures.

Walls and Windows

Plenty of light and big windows are one way to bring the outside to your indoor world, especially in areas like the living room and dining room. If you want a slightly more serene approach and one that’s quite calming, you might want to add mid greens, pair these with greys and furniture that is made at least in part from natural wood.

Creating the right background is important, whether you are going for block colours or tropical décor style wallpapers. There’s a lot to choose from and you don’t have to fill every wall with the same design. Mixing and matching plain coloured walls with wallpapered zones works brilliantly. Try these funky tropical wallpaper designs from wallpaperdirect.com to get you started.

Fixtures and Fittings for Tropical Decor

Add spark by including leafy prints and potted plants in selected areas of the home. The good news is you can do it as subtly or as boldly as you like. Banana leaves in a large pot create a natural focus for the eyes. You can offset any window with a tropical print blind that looks fabulous with the sun shining through it.

Tropical Décor is About Thinking Outside the Box

How about creating a tropical chillout zone with a hammock, walls that fade from green to azure blue above and a carpet that feels soft underfoot and looks like sand? Tropical décor is all about combining different textures, colours and furniture to create a space that has a spiritual and emotional impact.

It’s an ideal design concept for the bedroom. You might want to tone the contrast down a little to provide a more relaxing space, perhaps balancing out the colours to build a great place to wake up in. Go for plainer bed linen and carpets if you want to create this kind of serene ambience.

But if you want a bit more impact, opting for vibrant colours with exotic fruit prints can be equally as much fun. It all depends on your personality, of course.

The trick with tropical décor is not to be frightened of being as bold as possible. If you get the look and feel just right, you can certainly take the summer with you into the colder winter months.

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