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Damp or Condensation - Thats the real question?

Its that time of year – Cold nights – warm houses and the dreaded condensation!

At Belvoir Letting Agent Wolverhampton the calls have already started with claims of ‘we’ve got damp in the property’. On a light-hearted note, I wish I could have a pound for each time someone calls to say ‘we’ve got damp - we need a contractor!’

The poor landlord is faced with call out charges, which inevitably turns out to be condensation which in most cases is the living style of the tenants. 

In an effort to both support the tenant and landlord and also avoid un-necessary fallouts the team at Belvoir Letting Agents Wolverhampton provide tenants with the following information. The information allows for tenants to take a fresh look at the issue and reflect on whether it is ‘damp’- or is it ‘condensation’which they have created themselves. This helps for the letting team at Belvoir Letting Agents Wolverhampton to avoid sending contractors and consequently avoid un-necessary costs for landlords and tenants all.

In brief, if there is a rising damp, penetrating damp or even damp created by defective plumbing then this is unquestionably a landlord related issue. However, if the issue is condensation ie black mould around windows or cold walls, even on clothes or shoes, then this is most likely a tenant related issue and consequently something which the tenant needs to rectify.

Take a look yourself at the four types of damp

There are four main types of dampness that could affect your home. It is important to understand the difference between them so that you can effectively treat the problem.

It’s also important to understand that Rising damp/penetrating damp and defective plumbing will as likely be a landlord responsibility.

Condensation, however, is as likely to be a tenant issue due to how they are living in the property. Read below how condensation is formed and also the action you can take to manage the condensation, which will be ongoing and not a single application. 

If you would like take a look yourself at the four types of damp call Belvoir Letting Agents Wolverhampton on 01902 275773 or email us at wolverhampton@belvoir.co.uk with your name, number and email address and we will send you a copy for FREE!

If you’re a landlord with property based with the Wolverhampton area and looking for a professional letting service, call the team at Belvoir Letting Agents Wolverhampton whose office is based on Queen Square in Wolverhampton City Centre. 

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