Create your own White Christmas

As immortalised by Bing Crosby we are all dreaming of a white Christmas but sadly, more often than not, the weather does not play ball and we are left with a murky grey Christmas and who wants that? In this article we give you some hints and tips to create a white Christmas of your very own.


One of the easiest ways of getting that elusive white Christmas is to invest in some snowflake decorations which you can hang from your ceiling to create and extravagant snow effect. These snowflakes from Not on the High Street are ideal and give a great 3-D effect. Alternatively what about these versatile ones from Amazon? You can hang these on your tree or on your windows and even hang them from your ceiling to create a winter snowstorm.

Snow Wreath

You could always opt for a snowflake themed wreath. We loved this one from WeRChristmas, not only can you hang it either way round it also has LED lights for that glittery effect. Wayfair have a lovely twist on this theme with this really elegant Snow effect wreath. Whilst more traditional the snow effect is very realistic and will bring reminiscences of snow decked branches into your home.

Snow Garlands

Traditionally we use tinsel on our trees and sometimes we even drape tinsel over fire places or cupboards but why not replace that tinsel with this simple but effective snowflake garland from Amazon? For something a little more sparkly we loved this glitter snowflake garland, we thought it was very stylish and would make a great addition to any festive decorations.

Snow Tree

Perhaps one of the best ways to bring that snow-capped imagery into the home is to buy yourself a snow-covered tree. These are very popular this year and seeing the snow covered branches will remind you of a glorious snow drenched forest. This one from Robert Dyas is a real eye catcher. If you prefer a slightly fuller tree then Christmas Tree World has the perfect tree for you. This one requires minimal tweaking to get the branches just right.

Snow Blanket

If you want to create a snowfall scene under your tree or around your home then you can simply buy some artificial snow blankets like these from Amazon. These are very simple to cut to size and place under your tree or drape in a unused fireplace to create that perfect snow scene.

Make Your Own Snow

For those of you who want to go that extra mile then why not make your own snow? It is surprisingly simple to do. All you need is baking soda and some white hair conditioner and mix them together, it’s that simple. Here is a YouTube guide to show you exactly how to make your own snow.

Snow Projectors

If you are thinking of putting lights outside then why not also create a wonderful snow light show too with this great snowflake light projector or even this snowfall projector which looks just like falling snow.

Snow Machine

Now, if you want to really up the ante this Christmas why not hire a snow machine. There are several hire shops online like Fun-bounce who would be more than happy to hire you a snow machine to create your own White Christmas out in the garden, which we are sure the children will love.

The weather might not give us our wish of snow at Christmas but with these great ideas you can still guarantee yourself a white one! So be creative, get the kids involved and enjoy your white Christmas!

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