Celebrity homes... but who do they belong to?

Think you know your celebrities well? Let’s see just how well- take our quiz below!

You can’t beat a snoop around a home, especially a celebrity’s one! It is fascinating to see the type of home they opt for, their styling choices and location- perfect for home inspiration. Some of the choices celebrities make when buying a home might surprise you. We have put together the ultimate celebrity home quiz, so you can see how many stars you can match with their homes.

Think you know your celebrities well? Let’s see just how well- take our quiz below!


1) Who lives in this New York Penthouse?

Situated in SoHo Mews, this nine storey apartment has great views and is surrounded by some on Manhattan’s best boutiques and restaurants.  

A - Justin Timberlake 

B - Ronnie Wood 

C- Tom Cruise


2) Who does this luxurious home belong to? 

Inspired by French chateaux, the deluxe private home offers five bedrooms and many extraordinary spaces, including a putting green, resort pool, secret patio, and oversized crafts room.

A - Jennifer Aniston

B - Selena Gomez 

C - Sandra Bullock


3) Can you guess who lives in this Tudor-style home in Beverly Hills?

This property has everything from mountainous views and a koi pond, to a private deck and spa. 

A - Russel Brand 

B - Cher 

C - Julie Andrews 


4) Which member of the Kardashian family owns this home? 

This spacious mansion boasts eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms, along with a home theatre, a massage room and of course a pool with a view. 

A - Kim Kardashian 

B - Kylie Jenner 

C - Rob Kardashian


5) What pop queen lives in this lovingly restored home? 

With seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, library, gym and a cinema room- this lady is definitely the hostess with the mostest. 

A - Miley Cyrus 

B - Taylor Swift 

C - Demi Lovato

Got your answers? Scroll down to see how you got on! 

1) The New York penthouse belongs to.... Justin Timberlake. 

2) She is the biggest Instagram star in the world, this property is of course owned by Selena Gomez. 

3) She is currently starring in the recent Mama Mia film... Cher!

4) She is the youngest and richest member of the family... this stunning property belongs to Kylie Jenner. 

5) Tay Tay aka Taylor Swift lives in this lovingly restored home. 

How did you get on? Get in contact with us via our Twitter page and let us know @BelvoirUK!

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