A Guide To Statement Lighting

Think bold, eye catching and unique.

Often when deciding on lighting we look for something that matches the room’s décor and interior style- perhaps a vintage lamp to match that shabby chic sofa or something in copper or brass iron to go with your industrial kitchen. We tend to purchase items to compliment or even sometimes match colours or furniture choices, but sometimes it’s good to venture out of your box and go for something a little different. Statement lighting can be the centre piece to an entire room, they are a great way to create the perfect atmosphere and definitely conversation starters when you are entertaining for guests.

Want to give it a go? Here is our guide to statement lighting.

The bigger the better

When it comes to statement lighting yes size does matter- the bigger the light the more impact that is created. Dazzle your guests by hanging it over your dining table or in the hallway entrance, it might not blend in with the rest of the décor but that wouldn’t be making a statement now would it.

Go bold

Show confidence in your own taste and inject some pattern and colour, this can be bright, busy or even subtle design. Statement doesn’t necessary have to scream ‘loud’, boldness can also be shape, style and proportion- an incredibly simple design can also stand out in a room so be clever about your choices.

Consider the lamp

We can often neglect lamps and think of them as the furniture piece that hides away in the corner, this doesn’t have to be the case. A lamp can make the perfect table centre piece or decorate the corner of a room, show them off and use them to your advantage to create the perfect atmospheric lighting.


Don’t forget the many ways of showcasing statement lighting, ceiling lights and lamps aren’t the only two. Consider pendants, wall lighting, floor lighting and even lightbulbs!

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board ‘Be... in the light’ for some bright ideas.

Sources; Light Scene photograph by Omar Tursic | Lightbulb photograph by Mattias Russo-Larsson 

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