A guide to making your guests feel at home

Your guests will appreciate your effort to make them feel welcomed at your humble abode.

It can be easy to feel stressed when you find out you have guests coming to stay- think of it as a positive! You get to show them your local town, take them to your favourite places and most of all show off your beautiful home. The most important factor is making sure they feel comfortable, put yourself in their shoes and showcase what you would appreciate if you were to stay at someone else’s home. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our little handy guide below.

1. Make room for their belongings

There is nothing worse than coming to stay at someone’s home and not having anywhere to put your stuff- no one likes to live out of a suitcase. Ensure there is a clear draw free or a space in the wardrobe where they can unpack their things.

2. Ensure they have fresh bedding

Clean bed linen is a must when you have guests coming to stay and also makes a good first impression when you show them to their room. Bring out your best bedding if you wish to be an extra attentive host.

3. Provide them with the essentials

Leave out much needed items such as towels and toiletries. It is also worth showing them where everything is and how things work, they will appreciate knowing that they have everything they need for the next few days.

4. Give them privacy

You don’t need to be with your guests 24/7, it is important that they feel comfortable enough to do their own thing. They may have a few ideas on how they want to spend their time here, for example visiting places of their own interest or taking a lie down on the bed to read a book.

5. Greet them with a warm welcome

Buy some fresh flowers, light a few candles and have the tea brewing- a warm welcome goes a long way and starts off their stay on a positive note.

6. Make sure you have done the weekly food shop

You’re going to be feeding extra mouths so make sure you have enough food to go around the table. Little tip, it might be worth asking your guest what foods they enjoy, that way you can plan your meals and feel organised.

7. Deep clean of the house

To make sure your guests feel at home, it is best to make sure you have given the house a good clean. Tackle those areas that don’t usually bother you, and particularly pay attention to the areas where they will be most.

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