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What to do in an Emergency ?

If you have a maintenance emergency and you live in a Property Managed by Belvoir Bedford only , please use the telephone numbers of Belvoir Bedford authorised contractors supplied to you. If you are struggling  call :

Electrician :                    

Steve Kirby: 07785 584455        

Craddocks : 07889 074486

01234 358234                    

Gas Heating Engineer & Plumbing:         

David Hughes                                                        07761 565097

Steve Hull Plumbing (not 24 hours):                      07821 620630

GPS Plumbing and Heating                                   07917 161053

Sepede Plumbing:                                                 07966 425859

General Maintenance

AM Installations(Philip) : 07976 432929

AC Carpentry (Anthony) : 07921 003880

Appliance repairs:        

S C Domestics (Sam) : 07711 25539

Your landlord may also have recommended contractors and/or insurance : in this instance this information will have been supplied to you and should be used instead.

If you do not have this contact Belvoir Bedford immediately : bedford.propertymanager@belvoirlettings.com.

An example of an emergency would be :

  • burst pipes, leaks, blockage or flooding of drains
  • break ins or vandalism where "boarding up" may be required
  • failure of water , gas or electricity supply
  • break down of central heating system

Also note that these numbers should only be used in an emergency situation.

**To be used in an emergency only – any non-emergency call outs or contractors that are not recommended by Belvoir Bedford will be charged to the tenant. ***

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