Why People Need A Traditional Estate Agent Right Now

How we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire country, and it will do so for some time to come. All industries have had to incorporate new working practices, and some traditional working practices might no longer be suitable.

However, even though the property market has changed, and will continue to change, there is a lot to be said for calling on a traditional estate agent. Estate agents must move with the times, and the need for video tours and viewings is the latest step in the digitalisation of the sector. Of course, successful estate agents managed to incorporate online listings and promoting on property portals into their working practices.

At Belvoir Sutton, we are committed to helping you as best we can, and we vow to provide you with a safe and dependable service.

Traditional agents have experienced ups and downs in the housing market

Good agents who have a grounding in the traditional aspects of the property industry, are the professionals who can be relied on. There have been considerable ups and downs in the housing sector, and agents who have continued to operate through the peaks and troughs of the industry are the ones who can be trusted now.

The CEO of The Guild of Property Professionals, Ian MacKenzie, has spoken out about the need for reliable and experienced estate agents. In the current market, clients need dependable advice and guidance like never before, which is why traditional estate agents are likely to be the ideal choice for vendors and buyers.

MacKenzie said; “With the online sector of the market under immense pressure, now is the time that truly local, dedicated property professionals can shine. As the property market begins to move again and communities re-establish themselves, neighbourhood agents who are a part of their communities will be an intrinsic part of rebuilding the local economy and getting those regions back on their feet.”

We know the Sutton housing market

Local knowledge has always been important, but again, this is even more important now. While it is useful for agents to know what is happening in the national market, it has never been more important to focus on what is happening locally.

A local agent who knows the market, understands what buyers are looking for, and who is aware of the current levels of supply and demand is well-placed to advise clients.

Iain MacKenzie continued by saying; “Now more than ever, consumers will want to work with a local expert who they trust and who can guide them safely through the process of selling and buying a property during these unusual times. Although the property market is open for business, ‘business’ doesn’t look the way it used to, and consumers will need an agent’s help to navigate the new normal.”

It will be no surprise to learn that the demand for estate agents has risen considerably since the housing market was allowed to re-open. According to Yomdel Property Sentiment Tracker information:

  • New vendor enquiries rose by 67.13%
  • New buyer enquiries rose by 63.24%
  • New landlord enquiries rose by 41.9%
  • New tenants increased by 28.27%

There have also been findings that suggest people are keen to support local businesses as we move forward. A YouGov study found more than two-thirds of respondents are keen to buy from and hire neighbourhood businesses. This further strengthens the importance of local estate agents when people plan their next move, and we are here to help you.

If you are starting the sales process, or wondering what your next move will be, you can arrange for an instant valuation to take place. Our instant valuation tool is free, quick to use and very easy to arrange, so contact Belvoir Sutton today if you would like to arrange a valuation during the lockdown period.