Top Reasons you shouldn't Neglect your Garden

Gardens are an unusual topic. Not everyone has a ‘green thumb’ and this can put them off properties with a lot of open space as it feels like a lot of work they wouldn’t enjoy. Some buyers will want a garden, and a big one at that. It becomes a long-term project for them and a lot of their time and plans revolve around this area of the home.

Some properties and areas don’t get much outdoor space, so making the most of it is important. From lawns to patios to courtyards, sheds and greenhouses to walls and fences, there’s a lot to consider. We’ve put together some top reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your garden that can help when your home is on the market.

First impressions count

We’ve mentioned this before but first impressions count. Front gardens are the first thing potential buyers will see when they arrive for a visit so make sure it’s neat and tidy. Any walls should be painted and clean, lawns trimmed and paths tidy. What kind of flowers, hedges or trees you put in is down to personal taste and what the best use of space is but it is very easy to make a great welcome to anyone visiting.

The back garden serves a similar purpose for first time guests but tends to be larger and have more going on. You’ll find decking, patios and lawns are all popular choices for different people – and some with all three if there’s space. It becomes clear what areas are used for what, too. The easier it is to see, and the better looked after it is, the more a garden will appeal to buyers.

Great for guests

While gardens are great for you to relax in, enjoying early breakfasts, afternoons in the sun and drinks in the evening, they’re fantastic spaces for guests; friends, family and more. When the weather is good, you can open up the house and make use of the space, accommodating even more people.

Barbecues are very popular across the country – and with good reason! Getting people outside, making memories together and enjoy home cooked food all make for an amazing time. You might have done this yourself over the years and it’s time to let others do the same. Even during the winter months, they can still be a beautiful sight for anyone with only a little bit of work.

Courtyards are cosy and private

The simplicity of a courtyard-garden shouldn’t be overlooked. They are a lot easier to look after and offer a lot of privacy, sometimes more than a larger garden. You can put more time into enjoying the space over looking after it, which is a great perk.

While there’s less space for people it’s still a great way to add more space for guests and social gatherings.

Patios are perfect for relaxing

Patios are the best way to enjoy a relaxing day in the comfort of your own home without staying inside. One close to your home offers shelter should the weather turn quickly, or at the end of your garden to make the most of the sun – there are advantages to both. There’s a whole array of furniture to choose from that is built to withstand the elements for when you don’t use it.

Doing this makes the garden another room in your home, so the look and feel around should math. Find colours that help you relax, that show your style. They don’t have to be hard to maintain, either, there’s lots of choice out there that’s effective and simple to look after.

Think of the value added

When we say this, we don’t just mean the monetary value that a good, well kept garden can add when your home is on the market. The memories you’ve made will help you show potential buyers what they can do with the space, too. From relaxing afternoons to family barbecues to drinks with friends, there are so many possibilities.

The size of your garden doesn’t matter, but what you do with it does and this is what you need to get across during house viewings. Don’t just sell the garden but sell the potential, sell what they could be doing in your home and garden. That’s where the real value comes from.

Whether you have one or two gardens, big or small, there’s plenty of ways to make it look great that will appeal to buyers. Have you got any other suggestions? Get in touch and let us know!