Top 10 Ways to Find the Best Place to Live

There are so many things to think about when you’re looking for a new place to live – it can be really overwhelming to make a decision. Still, with a little thought, planning and research, you’ll make a better choice than holding a finger over a map, closing your eyes and letting it drop.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 best ways to find the best place to live for you.

Location, location, location

Possibly the most important thing to consider is the location. Now, we’re not saying to know exactly where you want to go but if you have a good idea of the rough area, or the type of area you like, then you can do some research around it – both online and in person.

Where you want to live, or perhaps need to live, acts as a starting point but it impacts on other factors in our list, too.

Career prospects

Are you moving for a job? Or is there potential for a career change or move in the future? Take a look at the job market. What’s available now? Are companies growing and expanding? If there’s a potential to grow, then an area becomes a lot more appealing for setting down long-term roots.

It doesn’t have to be straight away but it’s worth thinking about.

The commute

Speaking of work, how’s that commute? Whether you’re looking at changing jobs and workplace or not, could there be a way to cut the journey and find more time to spend at home, with friends or family? That would make the whole process worth it, as we all know how valuable time is!

Your lifestyle

Lifestyle is an important aspect to any move. Maybe you like to eat out a lot, or spend most of your time socialising with friends or family. If the area you move to is quiet and not nearby much of anything, you’ll end up unhappy until you can move on again and that will prove expensive.

Local facilities

Following on, look at what’s around the area you’re interested in – or areas. Beyond restaurants, what about gyms, schools, shops, tourist attractions and any number of others that are of interest to you.

It’s the same if there’s anything you’re not worried about or want to avoid.

Friends and family

For some people, moving to a new area is a fresh start. That’s great, but it doesn’t mean you need to leave everything behind. For others, moving away is an opportunity to come back. Moving closer to friends and family can make life easier for a whole number of reasons, but maybe most importantly, it’s good to see people you know more often.


Giving yourself a timetable can help avoid unneeded stress and worry. Moving house isn’t always the easiest process but it’s something most of us will go through more than once. Avoid rushing decisions just because a nice house pops up somewhere if it doesn’t suit you. Stick to your own timeframe rather than anyone else’s and you’ll find the right property at the right time.

Are you looking to rent or buy?

Is the move permanent or temporary? Whether you’re looking to buy or rent could alter where you choose to live. If it’s temporary, you might choose an area you wouldn’t normally to try something new. It’s a great way to experiment and you can still take other factors, such as career prospects and commute times into account in exactly the same way.

Visit the area first

A top tip is, no matter where it is, visit any area that you’re thinking about moving to. Go for a walk around the area and see what’s available, the type of houses around, how the people react and what kind of feel you get. Don’t just do it once, either, go two or three times over the period. These are nice little breaks away and will help decide if an area is right for you.

Future plans

Life can change at the drop of a pin. We all know it. You can’t predict everything but you can put plans in place. Does your family need more space? Are you starting a family? Do you need space to work or get on with some projects? Bigger properties cost more and the area influences that too. By having an idea as to what you want to achieve in the coming years, you can help sway your decision over where to live.

Do you have any other factors you consider when looking to find a new place to live? Please get in touch and let us know!