Sutton Landlords – 8 Top Maintenance Tips

Maintaining rental property is one of the biggest tasks for a landlord, but we are here to make it easier. We are pleased to say we have assisted many local landlords, and if you’re looking for 8 top maintenance tips for Sutton landlords, we are here to help you.

Kitchen and bathroom taps

As a quick rule of thumb, the less moving parts a tap has, the more likely it is to work as you would expect. Therefore, landlords should focus on using solid, individual taps for cold and hat water, as this will reduce the likelihood of something going wrong.

Boilers should be serviced

The best tip for caring for a boiler is to ensure it is serviced regularly. There is a cost in servicing your boiler, but it will likely reduce the need for repairs, saving you time and money in the long-term. A sensible tip is to arrange for your boiler to be serviced at the same time you have your gas safety inspection at your property. You should also look to have your boiler serviced before winter, so if there is an issue with it, you can resolve it as quickly as possible.

Opt for the professional sealant option in the bathroom

You’ll find many of the tips in maintaining your property focus on avoiding the cheapest option. You will likely have a limited budget to contend with, but if you continually buy the most affordable option, you will probably buy a few times.

An example of this comes with silicone mastic. There are many cheap options available, but if you spend a bit more money, you’ll have a higher standard solution, which saves you work, makes the bathroom look better and pleases the tenant.

Measure twice and buy to size

It is essential to devote time and effort to get things right. An example of this comes with the cooker you choose for the kitchen. There are many options and ranges to choose from, but make sure you choose one that is right for the size of your kitchen. Don’t try and squeeze a cooker in, because this will make the necessary removal and replacement a problematic task.

Invest in sturdy options

The bathroom is a space where functionality matters, but not all products are the same. When it comes to adding mirrors, toilet roll holders, shelves or any other accessories, make sure you choose a value for money option. A failure to do so may cause more problems, and a lot more phone calls from tenants, in the long-term.

Lag pipes

A burst or frozen pipe spells trouble for landlords, so you want to minimise this problem from arising. You should advise the tenant to maintain a low heat during cold periods, but you should also cover the pipes to maintain the temperature.

Clear drains and gutters

You may not like the idea of clearing your gutters, but it is a vital job. If water cannot drain away in the manner it is intended to, and it is more likely to enter your home. This is where problems begin, and a flooded rental property is a nightmare for landlords.

Communicate with your tenant

If you want to minimise problems in your rental property, speak with your tenant. If a tenant feels comfortable enough to inform you of problems or issues, you can resolve them faster.

If you’re a landlord in Sutton, and you want to maintain your rental property, contact Belvoir Sutton. We are pleased to say we have helped many local landlords, and we look forward to assisting you.