Summer Love!!

While you’re away on holiday do you find inspiration for your own home? New ideas for decorating or redesigning? There are some fantastic holiday homes all over the country and abroad. Take a peek at some of the luxury venues and see what ideas you could apply to your own home – either your current one, or your next one if you’re in the process of moving!

Being away from home gives us a new perspective on things – it can ignite a passion for travel and affirm our choices for our homes – whether it’s staying happily where we are or it becomes a new incentive to move house. Seeing how different countries and nationalities prioritise different things is an interesting part of travelling abroad.  A holiday by the sea or in a city will have very different effects on people and it’s always interesting to talk about the differences, whether they are positive or negative.

Time spent in the countryside, away from home, with peaceful surroundings can be as relaxing for some as it is stressful for others. Maybe you enjoy the buzz of a big city but wouldn’t want to live there – or you need access to all the events going on to fully enjoy your weekends and evenings. If you love the countryside for holidays you might decide it’s the place you want to be all the time and relocate your home and business to somewhere quiet – to enjoy nature at its finest.

Wherever you choose, come and have a chat with us and see how we can help you find your dream home.