Summer dreams

This weekend sees the summer solstice and more football games than you can shake a stick at! Keeping up with the football analogy, we believe we’ve got a great team at Belvoir Sutton – we work hard together to make sure that all the people that we’re involved with are happy and get the best deal that they can. Is this summer going to be the one where you take action on your dreams and make a move?

We work with landlords and home owners to ensure their properties are presented in the best possible way prior to advertising them for sale or rent. We’ll offer advice on how best to ‘stage’ your home for viewings – so that it appeals to as wide a market as possible.  It’s in your best interest to show off your property, making it look as big and neutral as possible. Most people will have furniture they need to move with, and they need to know it’ll fit. The same goes for colour, the more neutral, the wider the appeal.

It’s still a bit of a tricky market out there, if you’re selling then your property needs to stand out from the competition even more than usual, if you’re buying then you may need to relax your wish list – having said that, it’s a great time to be getting on the property ladder and we’ve got properties and registered applicants who need to move house.

A recent survey by GoCompare highlighted the top three ‘must have’ features for wannabe home owners – has your property got them yet?

– Central heating

– Double glazing

– Garden

Our applicants also rate good schools very highly and we’re really proud of the education offered in the Sutton borough both at primary and secondary level.

If you’re looking to buy or rent – what features are top three on your list? Come in and meet us, let us know what we can do to make your summer dreams come true.