Should you Redecorate Before Putting your Home on the Market to Sell?

When it’s time to sell, there are a few things to think about that might be useful in helping get the deal done quickly. While these are not ‘must do’s’ they will help with viewings and getting positive reactions from potential buyers.

As with everything in the process, you need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages for your own home and situation to be sure they’re not only needed but also of benefit.

Decluttering reveals space

This is a universal truth; clutter isn’t appealing. Just because you’re used to putting things in certain places doesn’t mean others feel the same. You’ve got to remember what potential buyers are looking for during a house viewing – they want to see what the property has to offer, and space is one of the most important factors. Clutter makes the space seem smaller and should be addressed.

With this in mind, viewers are not looking to see a bland home that reminds them of a hotel room. Personality is fine, as long as it doesn’t overshadow the unique selling points of your home. Finding that balance can be difficult, especially for first time sellers but the gold rule remains the same; present your home as you would like to see it if you were looking to buy it.

Freshly painted walls

One of the easiest ways to add appeal to your home is by giving it a fresh look with a new coat of paint. Not only does this cover up any marks or scuffs that have appeared over the years but creates a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

Choose a bright but neutral colour. There’s a very simple logic to this, as it helps create the perfect environment for viewers to appreciate your home and see the potential it has for them. This enhances the space available but is easy to change should they decide to do so in the future. It’s the safest bet and will prove to be a great investment.

Spend time on the kitchen

In terms of value per room, the kitchen stands head and shoulders above the rest. The size, layout and appliances are all important, as well as presenting it in such a way that potential buyers can not only see how it works practically but also picture themselves in it, cooking and doing things they enjoy.

This is why, of all the rooms that may need some major redecorating to help with a sale, the kitchen is the most important. While most of your home will look better with fresh paint, this room might need more work. This isn’t necessarily a full refurbishment, but it might require new cabinet covers, for example, that help project a much newer look.

New flooring can also help, as well as new worktop surfaces. Small changes like this can have a huge impact.

Look at the bathroom

Beyond the kitchen, the bathroom is also an important room to look after. It might need retiling or redecorating or perhaps a full new suite could be beneficial. This, like the kitchen, could be a costly job when there are options available to you that will help with making the room look and feel new without all the work and cost.

Get some costs together

Before undertaking any big work, it’s best to get some costs together so you can make the best decisions.

Large projects may make it hard to recoup the cost from the sale as you can’t be completely sure the buyer will have the same taste as you and won’t want to redo the work. This means they’d be spending twice and that won’t appeal to them.

This is where the fine line appears, as rooms that need work need to be presentable and appealing. In some cases, the best option may be to put in a new kitchen of bathroom in the hope of getting a quicker sale that allows you to move on but there is another option.

If you have the cost of how much a project will take, it gives you some negotiating room on the sell price, as you can drop the price to accommodate that cost for a buyer who might be persuaded to buy. This means you won’t have do the work yourself.

Have you decided to sell your home? Could it benefit from some of the advice we listed above? If you have any other questions, or want to discuss your needs further, please get in touch with us today.