Selling Process During The Lockdown Period

It is vital people follow social distancing guidelines and keep themselves and others around them safe. However, many businesses are still able to operate, providing support and assistance for their clients.

At Belvoir Sutton, we are following Government recommendations regarding social distancing and staying safe. The Government guidelines to the housing sector can be viewed on their website. It is important to note that the Government is allowing the property market to continue, and has made recommendations to ensure the industry operates as best it can.

If you have any queries about selling your home right now, please get in touch. We have devised a plan of action regarding the selling process during the lockdown period, and we are more than happy to go through this guide with you.

We believe information is vital for people to make a measured decision on what is best for them, and we are happy to assist with this matter.

Property valuations during the lockdown period

In the sales process, the valuation of the property is essential, and this doesn’t change because we are in a lockdown situation. There is still a need for a property to be assessed and a value placed on it before you can consider entering the market.

Currently, there is a range of options available for vendors wishing to arrange a valuation on their home. If you can leave the house and you are happy for agents to enter your premises, the house can be evaluated at this time. If you are unable to leave your house or you are unwilling to allow a vendor to enter your property, it is possible to use video technology to enable us to value your home.

When an actual valuation takes place

If you are happy to leave your property and allow our team member to value your home, we can take all photos and measurements while you are out of the house. During this process, our team member would wear gloves at all times while in your property. We would also follow social distancing guidelines at all times.

If you would prefer the option where we conduct a virtual viewing, we will engage you in a video call. By taking a video tour of your home, and doing a virtual viewing, our team can provide you with a market appraisal of your house.

Don’t forget the size and condition of your home are just some of the factors which are considered when placing a value on a property. Many external factors are also taken into consideration. As local housing market specialists in Sutton, our assessment will be based on the condition of your home, and on the many external factors which influence market valuations.

Are you looking for a fast valuation?

If you are starting the sales process, or wondering what your next move will be, you can arrange for an instant valuation to take place. Our instant valuation tool is free, quick to use and very easy to arrange, so contact Belvoir Sutton today if you would like to arrange a valuation during the lockdown period.