Preparing Your Sutton Home For Sale During Lockdown

While it is perfectly understandable you might not wish to consider entering the property market soon, a lot of people are using the lockdown to evaluate their next move. If you have a lot of spare time at home, and you would like to move at some point when we move out of lockdown, you can take steps to prepare your Sutton home for sale.

At Belvoir Sutton, we are pleased to say we have helped many Sutton vendors engage buyers and sell their home. We are currently working while following Government guidelines, and we are on hand to assist you in the sales process.

Some of the changes we advise homeowners to implement will also be of benefit during the lockdown. Therefore, if you are keen to enjoy short and long-term benefits, follow these tips in preparing your home for sale during the lockdown.

Decluttering your home is a worthwhile activity

One of the most important reasons to declutter a house is to create more space.

Decluttering is always of value, and the decluttering process is also likely to be of benefit. Knowing you are making space at home while keeping busy will likely have a positive impact on your mental well-being. A lot of people find cleaning and improving their surroundings is a positive activity, so if you’re looking for a project, make more space at home.

The three key reasons to declutter you’re your home when selling are:

1.       By creating more space at home, you make your home feel more extensive, and this will appeal to prospective buyers

2.       After decluttering your house, your property will be easier to clean, and this helps you present your home in an appealing manner

3.       When you declutter your home, you remove personal belongings, making it easier for prospective buyers to picture themselves in the home

These three outcomes will help you connect with buyers, so anyone looking to sell their home soon should declutter their house.

Cleaning your home is a perfect activity right now

You will likely want to clean your home right now. Ensuring your home is hygienic is an excellent activity, and a clean home is more likely to impress prospective buyers.

When it comes to deep-cleaning your house, start with the bathroom and kitchen. These are the two rooms where hygiene matters most. When you have a gleaming bathroom and kitchen, you feel more relaxed, and prospective buyers will be more likely to appreciate what is on offer.

Spare time to tidy the garden

If you have a garden area, there is a strong chance you will spend more time there right now. Rather than sunbathing and relaxing, allocate time to organise your garden, plant some flowers and ensure your paths and walkways are in excellent condition.

Many buyers form an initial impression of the house via their garden, so it makes sense to make this space as appealing as possible.

If you are starting the sales process, or wondering what your next move will be, you can arrange for an instant valuation to take place. Our instant valuation tool is free, quick to use and very easy to arrange, so contact Belvoir Sutton today if you would like to arrange a valuation during the lockdown period.