Personal Service and the Modern World

The business dictionary defines personal service as intellectual or manual work performed by a service provider. This includes the fields of accounting, consulting, finance, performing arts, etc.

But the questions are: What do we actually mean when we say personal service? How is the new ways of personal service different from the old ways? How can you satisfy your customer so they would stay loyal to you?

We all know that all businesses have their own ways on how to make their clients happy. But in this article, we will look closely on how the modern ways of servicing meets the new age consumers' expectations and even exceed them.

First, let’s take a look at the old and modern ways of personal service.

1.Individual Interaction

Before, services require more physical effort because customers need to actually go to the shop to acquire a specific service. But today, since customers have easier access to so many things with the help of technology, they effortlessly get services in less than a minute. It can either be through phone calls, emails, websites or social media. Today, sending inquiries on flight schedules, booking appointments on hotels and restaurants and buying goods can be much easier. Before interaction with consumers are usually face to face but today, services can be given without seeing your clients up close. 

2. Follow Ups

People today get cranky over waiting for a few minutes, but can you imagine the customers long ago when they had to wait for their service provider's response? It must have taken them forever! Most customers before had to wait for days or even weeks after sending an email to a company. But in this day and age, most companies have their customer service department open 24/7 for their clients’ convenience.

3. Absolute Acknowledgement

Not so long ago, services are more personal and that’s how emotional connections were built. You already know the guy who will be helping you 'cause you get to meet them and know more about them. However, in the modern age, where people are typically impatient, we find it more convenient to just send messages using our phones or computers and get our concerns resolve right away by random people or even automated responses. It may sometime lack of human emotion and connection but it works for most.

According to, modern services are faster and more satisfying because of technology advancement, which is a great deal for companies. Another positive thing about it as well is that customers can easily find companies and the services they offer without them doing so much physical work. Companies don't have to go out on the street and present themselves as a walking advertisement anymore.

Because of technology, the service provider sector has greatly improved.If you happen to provide fast, modern and easy solution to every customer's concern then they will be loyal to you. After all, customer satisfaction is good, but customer loyalty is better!