Making the Seasons Work for you; Why Spring is a Great Time to Sell

Winter isn’t over yet but if you are thinking of putting your home on the market, it’s time to start thinking about when the best time to put that ‘For Sale’ up is. Spring is a very popular season; it’s the sign of new beginnings, the weather improves and there are plenty of holidays. The last one might not sound very important but for families with children at school these are great chances to take advantage of.

We’ve put together a list of why Spring is a great time for buyers and how you can use this to your advantage when you’re ready to make a sale.

Improving weather

House viewings take time. People want to be able to think about themselves in a potential new home to make sure it’s the right one for them. Some people will do multiple viewings a day and it makes a big difference if the weather is nice, it makes people feel more positive about the day.

There’s more to it than just the houses, though. The area plays a big part and it’s a good idea for people to get to know where they might be living. That can be as simple as a drive around, a walk or getting to know the local shops and restaurants. Doing this in the cold or dark means people will spend less time doing so and snap decisions won’t always work in your favour.

If you can offer some advice on the area, places to see and check out, you’ll make a great impression with buyers and save them time.

Brighter days

As mentioned before, brighter days can improve the mood of everyone but there’s more to it. Before a potential buyer even steps through the door they’ll have read information about your home and seen pictures – and those pictures will be better on a bright, sunny day. They will look much better and draw more potential buyers to your home.

When you’ve decided to sell your home, have these pictures taken the first chance you get on a sunny day. That first impression will make a big difference to people looking to book house viewings and means you won’t have to do it again later on.

Working around the holidays

There are plenty of holidays this time of year, from Easter and half-terms to bank holidays. For anyone with children, these are prime times to go explore new locations and book some house viewings. They can be mini breaks away with the family and combining the two is making the most of a busy time of year.

While you might not be as aware of these holidays, or as focused on when they are, if your home is suitable to families then it’s worth trying to be around during these times to make sure you get as many potential buyers visiting as possible. This will increase your chances of a sale.

A good time to redecorate

With Spring being a time of new beginnings, it’s a great time to redecorate. We don’t mean every wall in every room with new furniture and flooring but fresh paint on walls that haven’t been done in a couple of years will be really helpful.

Go with bright colours and tones that will complement the improving weather and make rooms feel lighter and brighter. This appeals to potential buyers, makes the rooms and house feel fresh and well cared for and by using bright tones and colours, it’s easy for new owners to redecorate if and when they’re ready without it being too difficult.

Looking ahead to summer

Summer isn’t far behind Spring, bringing even better weather and, for some, more time off to spend house hunting. Even if that’s the season you’re targeting, doing some of the legwork now will make it easier when you’re actually ready to sell.

Again, while you might not be around for the entirety of the summer holidays, it can make the sale process go much smoother if you’re able to spend some time preparing for and being around for house viewings. Estate agents can help with that, by taking some of the responsibility for you but you’ll need to work with them to ensure you get everything the way you want it.

If you’re getting ready to sell your home in the coming months, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help. We understand the market and can help you make it work for you.