Keeping an eye on things…

We keep a close eye on property news, predictions, facts and opinions, and we’ll share our thoughts with you now. It’s generally considered that house prices will remain steady for the remainder of 2018. The latest figures for May show that the housing market has minimal price growth, together with the numbers of agreed sales. Why are we commenting on this? Well really to reinforce how important it is to choose a good estate agent who will accurately value your home and help you with advice on how to market your property effectively. In a steady market, it’s important that properties sell at the right price, and that they aren’t overpriced from the start meaning that they hang around for too long not selling – or worse still, that you have to reduce the sale price.

In the South East our house prices are higher than average. The average UK house price in May was £224,400 – 1.9% higher than in May 2016 according to the Halifax. In real terms, this means that the average UK house costs £4,185 more this year than it would have done last year. Scale that up for our local areas. After a number of years of constant fast house price increases, some buyers are unable to afford current prices and are opting for rental properties instead. Buyers are left with unrealistic expectations of their property’s price and there needs to be some readjustment.

Brexit is still leaving some people considering a move for the future rather than actually moving now, but as always, there are still people who need or want to move, regardless of the results of the final negotiations.

At Belvoir, we make sure your property and your requirements are our focus. We listen carefully to what you need and will work hard to achieve the best price for your property when you sell through our office. We offer 3D virtual tours of properties – making it even easier for prospective buyers to view your property. We’re available 24/7 so flexibility is our strength for our sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants. If you’re looking to buy, sell or rent then do call in and have a chat – we’ll be pleased to offer advice to make your next move as smooth as possible.