Is your agent on target?

Accurate valuations are the key to selling quickly in the British housing market, particularly where any activity is slowing. The last thing you want to do when you’re planning a move, is have your property valued and priced too high and then have to chase the market and buyers down. At Belvoir we have experience and use it wisely to value properties carefully, realistically and accurately for an effective sale.

We will carefully manage your expectations when you sign with us and put your property on the market. This is key if a vendor has unrealistic expectations of what their property is worth – they know how much time and money they have spent renovating a property and sometimes it takes careful understanding and patience to demonstrate how and why we believe our valuation to be accurate. If a property is valued correctly, it will sell faster. Anything that is overpriced will sit, and eventually it will need to be reduced. Figures for this year demonstrate that the degree of price difference of 5% or less between asking price and sold price, result in a secured sale within 69 days – whereas when the price variation is up to 10%, the property is on the market for around 118 days – an extra seven weeks. Which we all know is a very long time if you’re waiting to move home!

If you’re looking to get your house on the market and sold then give us a call for more information about how we can sell it for you.