Is Natural Light in a House Important to Buyers?

When we talk about how appealing a house is, it comes down to a couple of main factors; natural light, artificial light, space and brightness to name the most important and obvious. Natural light is one of the biggest factors for many buyers. Good access to sunlight makes a bigger difference than artificial lighting and there’s plenty of information out there on how beneficial it is.

Some homes see lower amounts of light depending on where they are, what’s around them and how many, or how big, the windows are, but there are ways to help this.

Warm and inviting

One of the biggest reasons natural light is so important to homeowners is because of the warm, welcoming and inviting atmosphere it creates. This is great for visitors but also potential buyers when viewing the house. A great welcome instantly makes visitors feel like they belong and this helps create the first bonds with a potential new home.

Entrance halls, living rooms, bedrooms – every room in your home can benefit from plenty of light seeping through. It doesn’t matter if you cross the threshold for the first or hundredth time, that welcome is something to look forward to and it can instantly light your mood. Take advantage of this by bring as much natural light inside as you can.

It makes everything feel bigger

Space matters. Having it gives you the freedom to plan ahead, make changes and do more – things you might not have been able to do in a smaller home. One thing natural light does is add to the feeling of space, and it’s a simple theory to check! Close the curtains or blinds one afternoon and see the difference it makes. Opening them again and letting the sunlight break through brightens your mood and room.

While, logically, we know that light doesn’t actually make a room bigger, the feeling it does so is a positive one and applies not only to you but potential buyers as well. They like to see big rooms with lots of space and potential – it helps them imagine themselves in your home and that helps them choose your house compared to others on the market.

Choosing the right colours

The right colours go a long way to make rooms feel bright and welcoming. They complement the light to enhance it and add atmosphere to your room and home. You can have one or the other and things will be fine but combine them together and it makes a drastic improvement.

Bright colours, warm colours and pastels are very popular choices as they don’t overpower the senses or detract from the main features of the room. Natural tones also work well for a different style, and depending on the furniture you have, this is something else to think about. Dark tones can be great for adding stark contrast but can quickly become overpowering so it’s worth thinking carefully about the combinations you want to use.

Creating space

One way to help with brightness and light is to actually make space. Move furniture around and try to get rid of shadowy spaces that aren’t used for something. Is there a gap between the wall and sofa? Try and put a small table or drawer unit there – handy for storage and for filling out gaps.

By filling these areas, you’re making the room seem whole and drawing people’s attention to the space that is there without wondering what’s behind. We’re not saying you need to turn minimalistic in your décor style but if there’s something that doesn’t need to be there, the empty space could be a lot more valuable while trying to make a sale.

How can you enhance the natural light in your home?

There are some very easy ways to enhance the level of natural light in your home. Mirrors are a good option, as the light will reach more of the room. Reflective surfaces also do this to a lesser extent and, matched with the right décor, can really make a difference to your home.

Make sure the windows are always clean to ensure there’s nothing blocking the light coming through, but this needs to be done on the inside and out. Wood, or wood effect, flooring can also help with this too, although while it is growing in popularity again carpets still seem to be the most popular option in a number of rooms.

How important is the amount of natural light to you when you’re looking at a new home? Is it a deal breaker or a sacrifice you’re willing to make for something better? Let us know!