How Valuable are Estate Agents in Selling your Property?

Estate agents are incredibly valuable when you decide it’s time to sell your home. There are so many benefits to utilising these services that you might wonder why some people would do without? A lot of it comes down to personal preference – for those who have time and experience on the market, they may feel like they can do without.

Given that most people will move to a new house every few years or less, unless they are completely prepared and have the time to invest in doing everything properly, an estate agent is the right choice – and here are just a few reasons why!

Knowledge and expertise

Estate agents spend every day selling properties of all kinds; houses, flats, commercial buildings and more. One of the key skills we possess is our relationship building, and this allows us to negotiate with sellers and buyers to achieve the best outcome.

Working in this field day-to-day means we understand how every possible stage works, along with each outcome that can arise. We’re on hand to help, advise and support you throughout the process until you find a buyer and sign on the line.

This knowledge is at your disposal and our goal is the same as yours; to find the best resolution for you. Make use of it whenever you can.

Marketing resources

Following on from that, we have built a wealth of marketing resources that can and will be used to show your home at it’s best to all potential buyers. These are tried and tested resources that include brochures, enticing descriptions, vivid photography and much more.

These might be staples but we don’t rest on our laurels – we’re always trying new things that will appeal to new audiences and help attract the best buyers to view your home. That’s where we can start forging those relationships and really sell the dream.

Local advice and information

While you’ve lived in the area for a while, possibly years or more, estate agents make it their work to know every nook and cranny of the area they work in. From hidden gems and secrets to the most well-advertised events and cultures. This local knowledge is incredibly valuable in setting the scene to potential buyers and is a great introduction to your home.

Information like this can help sway a potential buyer’s decision. The house is important, yes, but so is what’s around it and depending on the home and the buyer’s situation, different features will appeal to certain audiences.

An estate agent’s job is to understand this and make it work in your best interests – and that’s what we do.

Acting on your behalf

We’re here to do the things you can’t or don’t want to do. This frees up your time for more important things in your life, whether that’s time with the family, work commitments or something else entirely.

House viewings are where this is most visible as we’re here to show potential buyers through your home and help them realise what an opportunity they have available. Behind the scenes, however, we don’t stop working for you. Whether it’s arranging appointments or follow-ups, answering questions on your home or going through the paperwork, estate agents keep everything flowing as quickly as possible.

This not only frees up your time but takes out a lot of the stress that can accompany selling a house.

Working in partnership

While we do work on your behalf, this is a partnership. We take the information you provide and work it into our resources and plan. There are some things, however, we need your help with.

Keeping your home in the perfect state for viewings whenever they may be is a huge asset to us, and while we don’t expect you to be on call all the time, we will inform you of when these viewings take place so you can plan and prepare appropriately.

At the same time, we’ll keep in touch at regular intervals and while your life won’t stop, the closer a deal is, the better we can act if we know in advance or can get in touch with you quickly. If there are times you’re unavailable, we can try and work around that but it helps us all if we know this as early as possible.

Have you worked with estate agents before? What have your experiences been like? If you want to find out more about how we can help with selling your home, please get in touch with us today. We’d be happy to discuss your needs and situation.