How Can A House Be A Home

How Can a House Be a Home


“A house is not a home” is a common statement many have proven to be true. A house regardless of beauty and elegance cannot be a home without the harmony of the people dwelling in.


A home is our comfort zone. A place we run to in search of safety and solace. It is a place where we can be our true self. A home is our refuge and our resting place. It is our sanctuary. This is our haven where we make memories.


In choosing a house, one must consider the interests, personalities, and priorities of those who will live in.  The house is the reflection of the person who stays in.


I have come across many house buyers and these are common considerations they have in mind in choosing a perfect home.


1. A Welcoming Entrance


Regardless of the size of the house, most would love to have a beautiful entrance. The front of the house should have a welcoming design. A wider space going to the doorstep is in great consideration. A non-slippery floor would be perfect especially if you have kids and elders at home. A beautiful garden creates an inviting aura and gives a relaxing feeling to the dwellers and visitors.


2. Bright and Relaxing Wall Color


In most days, we leave our home happy. But due to the pressure at work, unfortunate circumstances we encounter outside our home, and negative vibes we get from the people we spent our days with, we end up going home stressed and irritated. Bright colors can help us shed negative feelings, and gives us a relaxing mood. Hence, making us happy again.


3. A Study or Hobby Room


Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to work at home. This is to get away from traffic, to avoid unfriendly weather, and to save time. But working at home is not as easy as it may seem. It requires privacy and peaceful environment. A study is a good place to work comfortably. It should be a space where the walls can hinder the noise from the outside. In addition to that, it can also serve as a hobby room. The art materials, musical instruments, or building blocks won’t be clutter in the house if they have a dedicated space for them.


4. A Well-Designed Kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where we prepare our food with love and care. This is also a place we love to gather and bond with our family. So, the kitchen should be both aesthetic and functional. Since it doesn’t have the largest space in the house, there should be ample space for tables, chairs, range, cabinets, and other kitchen stuff.  The kitchen should be well lit and well ventilated. A well-designed kitchen inspires us to make cooking more enjoyable.


5. Cozy and Warm Bathroom

A nice bath creates a refreshing day. And a neat and cozy bath creates more positive moods. Sometimes we just don’t bathe. We also seek comfort as we stay in what we call our comfort room.  Meditating and doing things that can loosen you up while you wash gives you a lighter mood when you come out of the bath.


Our living space holds the most important things to us, whether they are material things or people. Though creating a home is not just about the building, the sense of emotional connection in all areas of the house, and having space where you feel the comfort and love, that’s how your house can be a home.