FSBO: Is It To Your Advantage?

FSBO: Is It To Your Advantage?


FSBO or For Sale By Owner is a way of selling your property without the help of a professional real estate agent or broker. The main idea behind FSBO is that you’ll be able to save at least 6% or so on the agent’s commission if you sell your house on your own.


Well, 6% may be a bit to some but could be a lot to others whose houses are more expensive. But the catch this is, is it to your advantage if you sell it on your own?


Not all who went FSBO were successful. In fact, only 10% of them were able to sell their properties in their original asking prices. Often times, they end up selling their properties at a much lower price.


Also, the owners won’t have the full time to devote to selling their properties. Above that, they don’t have enough time and capital for marketing, advertising, inspection, paperwork, and other things incorporated with selling.


One more thing, network is a very important aspect. Professional Real Estate agents have wider connections. They can get your home listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) where homebuyers and other real estate agents can view your property. The possibility of selling your property fast is very high.


So, take a deeper consideration before you decide to sell your home on your own. Think about how much time and effort could be used to sell a property.  Would it be to your advantage or not?