Breaking down the Walls; are Open Plan rooms more Appealing?

You might have noticed that an increasing number of properties are now featuring open plan rooms in some form. There are plenty of reasons for this, as well as things to consider before you go knocking walls down yourself.

To help you get a better idea of what’s going and what you can do, we’ve put together some starting points – especially if you’re thinking of selling – so read on and do be sure to get in touch if you have any thoughts or ideas of your own!

Extra space

Probably the biggest advantage to open plan rooms is the feeling of extra space. Suddenly your room has double in size – from both ends. While the space itself won’t have changed bar the wall that no longer exists, you can feel the difference and that’s just as important.

This can let you make more use of small wall cubbies, arches and many other nooks that were just empty space, depending on what is done to create the open plan room. Some people have gone so far as to make their living room, kitchen and dining room all one big, long room. Depending on how the work is done, it can make your home much more appealing to buyers when it comes time to sell as the work has been done and they can reap the rewards but be careful not to go too far.

A more connected home

One of the biggest advantages to open plan rooms, other than the space, is that it brings a greater feeling of connectedness so if your friends or family are split across multiple rooms you can still hear and engage with them. This is great when cooking, for example, or cleaning or there’s a gathering of some sort going on.

This doesn’t work for every room, however. Bedrooms and bathrooms should still be separate and closed off for everyone’s sake but for communal rooms, it’s a great way to encourage people to spend time together without feeling too cramped or squashed. You can also refocus your rooms to accommodate more people.

Having a choice

There’s something else to think about here. Open plan rooms are popular, that’s obvious, but another option is a partially open room. What we mean by this is two rooms that are open but can also be closed off from each other – and not in the traditional sense of a door (although soe doors are an option).

While most rooms are connected through single doors, double doors – and often glass panelled – are a good choice. You get to choose when to be open or separate, which is great for controlling temperatures around your home and helps you cut down on noise from the other end of the room. Sliding doors, curtains and other options are available too.

Which rooms to consider?

The most common rooms that are becoming one open plan space tends to be the living room and kitchen but either of these can also work well with a dining room as well. Living room-kitchens, living room-dining rooms and kitchen-dining rooms tend to be the most common because of the proximity that these rooms are designed in to begin with.

Conservatories can also be open plan to these rooms, adding further space and more ways to spend your time, whether it’s just you, you and the family or guests. Open plan rooms create space and give you more options across the board, from social events to how you want to spend your time, decorate or use each area of your home.

Before you do anything

This is really important. Your property was designed a certain way and if you start knocking walls down without thinking, it could lead to serious damage to the building and, more importantly, an even bigger health and safety risk to you and your family!

If the idea of an open plan room interests you, get some professional advice first. Find out what you can do safely or what needs to be done to make it safe. In some buildings, you might be even more limited and require permission from the local authority. With the proper research, expertise and permission, you’ll be able to do a lot with your home to suit your needs.

So what do you think; are open plan rooms going to keep growing in popularity or are they not for you? We want to know! If you want more information, please get in touch with us today.