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Grantham | Landlord Fees

Landlord Services & Fees

Let Only Including Tenant Eviction Service - Fees Applicable: £550 (inclusive of VAT) payable for each letting to a tenant introduced by The Agent. Payable on commencement of tenancy and deducted from the rent collected at the commencement of tenancy. The fee for any properties with rental over £750pcm is 50% of the first months rent (inclusive of VAT).

To market your property we will:

  • Ensure we note full details of your wishes with respect to the letting. Apply to your Lender for permission to let, if applicable.
  • Provide you with advice and assistance on protecting your property and rental income.
  • Search our database to find a tenant match.
  • Place your property details on our national website and appropriate portal sites, all of which we will monitor and update daily.
  • Effect appropriate advertising of your property through online media, by board erection, from our business premises and through direct mailing to our applicant database and local businesses.
  • Conduct accompanied tenant viewings at your property, giving you full feedback on each occasion.
  • On finding a potentially suitable tenant we will carry out credit and status checks.
  • Keep you advised of progress throughout all processes.
  • Gain your approval of the tenant and official consent to proceed.
  • Draw up and agree with you the Tenancy Agreement and Conditions.
  • The Landlord will benefit from a Tenant Eviction Service. The Tenant Eviction Service for Landlords ensures that if, within the first 12 months of the commencement of the tenancy, the tenant(s) named on the tenancy agreement fail to pay the rent owed as per the tenancy agreement and fall into rent arrears, and continue to remain in rent arrears, our partner Let Alliance will take action against the tenant(s) to re-gain possession of the property. In the event that the tenant(s) fail to vacate at the end of the tenancy and on expiration of a signed Section 21 notice, Let Alliance will also seek to re-possess the property on your behalf. Please note, this service does not offer Rent Warranty.
  • Arrange buildings and contents and/or rent warranty as requested.
  • Collect all advance monies from the tenant.
  • Move in the tenant Inform all the utilities of the change of occupant, together with meter readings.
  • Request deposit from tenant in form of bankers draft made payable to the landlords designated deposit scheme and send onto landlord to action appropriately or alternatively, if the Landlord uses the same deposit scheme as Belvoir Grantham (DPS – Deposit Protection Service), we will collect the deposit from the tenant on sign up and administer the transfer and registration of the deposit to the Landlords DPS account.
  • Forward your monies by direct electronic transfer to your nominated bank account without delay, providing you with a statement of account and copies of all relevant documentation.

Letting and Rent Collection - Fees Applicable: Start-up fee of £240 (inclusive of VAT) plus 10.8% (inclusive of VAT) of the rent received, deducted by the Agent

All of the above (tenant eviction service not included in Rent Collection Service) +

  • Arrangement of rent warranty, if appropriate (Belvoir will renew this policy automatically on an annual basis, unless we receive your instructions to cancel).
  • Deposit will lodged with our designated Tenancy Deposit Scheme and held till end of the tenancy.
  • Monitoring and collection of all ongoing monthly rental income.
  • Payment of all due monies received to your nominated bank account by direct transfer and issue of a monthly statement.

Full Management - Fees Applicable: Start-up fee of £240 (inclusive of VAT) plus 13.2% (inclusive of VAT) of the rent received, deducted by the Agent

All of the above (tenant eviction service not included in Full Management service) +

  • Deposit will lodged with our designated Tenancy Deposit Scheme and held until the end of the tenancy.
  • Carry out periodic property visits of your property and issue you with a full follow-up report.
  • Ensuring maintenance problems are dealt with swiftly and as per your instructions, using reputable tradesmen
  • Payment for all repairs and liabilities up to authorised limits direct from monthly rental income.

At the end of the tenancy we will:

  • Issue the advance legal notices as required.
  • Advise the tenant of the required Move Out procedures.
  • Carry out the ‘Move Out’ procedures with the tenant in attendance.
  • Check the property against the inventory/statement of condition and inform you of any dilapidations.
  • Organise for the return of the deposit through our designated Tenancy Deposit Scheme and if necessary deduct for any dilapidation charges.
  • Take all meter readings and inform the utility providers as necessary.
  • Hand over the property to you or seek a new tenant as instructed

Other Charges

  • Inventory service: £120 (inclusive of VAT) - includes updates on re-let
  • Admin involved in the Tenancy Deposit Protection legislation: £60 (inclusive of VAT)–included in Full Management
  • Preparation of paperwork for Alternative Dispute Resolution: £30 (inclusive of VAT) annual charge OR £120 (inclusive of VAT) if Belvoir Grantham are instructed to preparation ADR paperwork
  • Duplicate/Annual Tax statements: £30 (inclusive of VAT)
  • Professional hourly rate: £54 (inclusive of VAT) Charged by the Agent when required to carry out any additional services
  • Tenancy renewal fee: £90 (inclusive of VAT)
  • Void property inspections: £75 (inclusive of VAT) (per visit)
  • Major works fee: 12% (inclusive of VAT)
  • Insurance claim handling fee: 12% (inclusive VAT) of cost of works before VAT
  • Tenant referencing: £ Included
  • Guarantor referencing: £ Included
  • Tenancy agreement Fee: £ Included
  • Check in: £ Included
  • Re-referencing Tenants - applicable only during Covid-19: £45 (inclusive of VAT) per Tenant/Guarantor

Post Letting Service - (Inclusive with our “Full Management” service)

  • Tenant move out: £108 (inclusive of VAT)
  • Inventory Check (including damage report): £108 (inclusive of VAT)

If you are a landlord with multiple properties then there may be discounts available, please contact us to discuss these.

Belvoir Grantham is a member of Safe Agent and The Property Ombudsman Scheme.