Problem Tenancies

A good agent proves its worth when the going gets tough. On the odd occasion (and it’s statistically rare) that we have a genuine problem with a tenancy, we work hard with the landlord to get that resolved. This separates us out from many of our competitors who send a couple of letters to the tenant, then tell the landlord they need a solicitor – we know this as it’s very clearly written in the agent’s standard terms.

If you are a landlord who is struggling with a tenancy we may be able to assist you, particularly if :

  • Your current agent has given up, or
  • The relationship between landlord and tenant has broken down, or
  • You’ve self-managed the tenancy, got the paperwork wrong, and are now struggling to unpick what you’ve done in order to get possession of the property, or
  • The Local Authority has become involved in tenancy matters and is making demands of the landlord.

Generally we can help landlords who have properties in Northampton and around. Occasionally we can assist with properties elsewhere in England (not Scotland or Wales). Helping may involve sorting out incorrect paperwork, providing advice, dealing with Local Authority requirements, making property improvements, acting as mediator with your tenant, or obtaining possession of the property through the Courts.

We assess these things on a case by case basis, and may not be able to offer assistance in certain circumstances. Once we understand what is required, our charges will be made clear to you in writing before any work is undertaken.

If you need some assistance with a tenancy matter, please email in the first instance.

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