Easy Steps to Move to Belvoir

We are often approached by landlords, who are unhappy or dissatisfied with their current Letting Agent and asking us how to go about moving the management of their properties to us. Many have been reluctant to move, believing that it would be too difficult to organise.

If you have a property in and around the Newcastle area and are unhappy with the service that you are receiving from your current agent, let us help. We can undertake most of the work for you.

Below is a step by step guide explaining how to move from your current letting agent:

  1. You will need to establish what notice you need to give your current agent in order to move from them. This may be one or two months for example and this information will be detailed in the Terms of Business that you will have originally signed. If you cannot find this agreement, simply contact your agent and ask them. You will then be able to give them the necessary notice in writing.
  2. You will ideally require the tenant contact details. If you do not have these readily available, your agent should provide this. We can then contact your tenant in order to confirm the change of agency and ask them to amend their rent payment details so that the rent can be transferred to Belvoir rather than your current agent.
  3. We will write to your agent to confirm that we will be taking over the management and request that they send us the existing Tenancy Agreement / copy of any inventory / Statement of Condition / tenant contact details / details of how the tenant’s deposit has been protected.
  4. We will send out our paperwork for you to complete and sign.
  5. At the point of taking over management, we will usually produce a new Tenancy Agreement for the tenant to sign. We prefer to do this, as our agreements have been vetted by our legal advisors and we know that they are fully compliant with all current legislation. It is really quite easy to move to Belvoir. You do not need to suffer poor service because you believe that it would be easier to stay where you are. For further information, please contact Belvoir Newcastle.


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