Accompanied Viewings: Pros vs Cons

What are the benefits of accompanied viewings? Is having an estate agent handle your property viewings advantageous? or do the advantages lie with doing them yourself?

Accompanied viewing with an Estate Agent

Doing it yourself.


  • You know your home better than anyone else, and you may be able to answer more questions a buyer has there and then.
  • You can build trust between yourself and the potential buyer, this can help with the sales process further down the line.
  • You may think of things to say during conversation that may help result in selling your home. For example where the best places to eat are, what the neighbours are like, nearest doctors & dentist and any more recommendations.


  • It can be awkward for viewings to be shown around by the owner. It’s sometimes hard for viewers to be honest with how they feel about the properties in case of offending the owners.
  • A viewing on a property is the initial step of a big transaction, usually one of the biggest transactions a buyer will make in their lives. Would you be able to deal with the sales negotiation progress?
  • You might be an expert on your property, but you may be unsure on the current property market.

Accompanied viewings.


  • You get a professional who knows how to present your home to potential buyers. They will be prepared for all the difficult questions, and they can offer information about the local market as well as details of your property.
  • An estate agent can be more flexible, and if you are too busy to handle viewings yourself, or just don’t want to do viewings, accompanied viewings can give you that peace of mind knowing that someone else booking them in at suitable times and accompanying the viewings.
  • A fresh pair of eyes on your property can somethings draw attention to features on the property that you may have overlooked.
  • With Belvoir, accompanied viewings are included in our service so you don’t have to worry about having to pay extra for this service.


  • Some agents charge extra for accompanied viewings.
  • You may never meet the buyer if that’s important to you.

So what’s the verdict?

Should you opt for accompanied viewings or should you do it yourself? It really comes down to you. With doing it yourself you will get complete control over the process, however with an estate agent doing the viewings it means you don’t have to worry about meeting viewers and showing them around your home.

Some sellers are happy to handle the viewings themselves. For others, it’s imperative that they get an estate agent to help accompany the viewings.