Referencing – what do we look at when finding a tenant for our rental properties?

Matching the right tenant for your property is a priority especially when tenants are typically renting for longer these days. We meet all potential tenants at the property prior to any application which helps us to understand what the tenant is looking for and if they are suitable for the property and it is the right home for them.

To apply they then complete an application form and provide 2 proofs of address and identification. We work with LetAlliance who undertake the following referencing process prior to accepting a tenant:

• Electoral Roll verification

• County Court Judgments/Bankruptcy/IVAs check

• Non-disclosed address search

• Income verification

• Companies House review and verification of employer’s financial status if required

• Current landlord reference if the applicant is currently renting

• Open banking fully integrated into the process

• Residency confirmation – do they pass the right to rent checks?

• Financial Sanctions check

• Fraud screening through artificial intelligence technology to check metadata within the document and verify whether they are genuine

• Employers are checked for their traceability online. Employment references will only be accepted if the company providing the reference can be located online with verifiable contact details.

• Applicant information (e.g., name, DOB, contact details) is cross-referenced with all previously referenced applicants (across all brands – Homelet, Let Alliance, and Rent 4 Sure). This allows the detection of any applicants that have been referenced and failed previously for fraud, negative landlord references or have previously been in a rent guarantee claim.

• Access to over 500 million data points including the largest suspicious application log in the UK

• CIFA checks, providing access to the National Fraud Database to alert if a known fraudster submits a reference

• Fraudulent applications are notified to CIFAS

In some cases landlords also like to also meet the applicants which can be useful once the referencing has been completed.

If you would like us to help you find your next tenant please call on 01664 569700 or email and we will be happy to discuss this with you.