All prices are inclusive of VAT are subject to change after 2 months written notice

Introduction Only:

£150.00 payable for each letting where the tenant is introduced through The Agent.

Tenant Find Only:

£570.00 payable for each letting to a tenant introduced by The Agent. Payable on commencement of tenancy and deducted from the rent collected at the commencement of tenancy.

Full Management:

£360.00 initial Set Up Fee plus 10-15% of the rent, deducted from the rent as received.

Re-let Fee:


Inventory Prep Fee (Inc. in full management):

Unfurnished up to 3 bedrooms                                  £90

Unfurnished 4 to 5 bedrooms                                    £114

Furnished up to 3 bedrooms                                      £150

Furnished 4 to 5 bedrooms                                        £174

Admin involved in the Tenancy:

Deposit protection registration                                  £30 per annum

Withdrawal (if property let or advertised)               60% of monthly rent

Preparation of paperwork for alternative                 £120

dispute resolution

Duplicate statements                                                  £12

Insurance claim handling fee                                    12% of cost of works

Professional hourly rate                                             £102

Annual tax statement                                                 £30

Empty property visit                                                   £24 per visit

CMP Certificate

CMP Certificate

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