Insurance, what tenants need to know

Wherever you choose to live there will always be a reasonable risk of break-ins and burglaries, so insurance is essential.

Landlords should have building insurance and furniture may also be covered. But it is unlikely that your personal possessions will be insured, so getting your own policy is a good idea.

Spend time checking what is on offer.

Insuring your belongings before you move in and knowing exactly what you own and insuring everything is always advised. Looking around and finding the policy to suit you is always the best option.

It may be possible to extend your parents/spouse contents insurance to cover your belongings.

Read the small print.

Whichever company you decide to go with, make sure you read the agreement carefully, and understand exactly what you are covered for. If you under insure your belongings such as computers, bikes or cd’s, then you will have any subsequent claims reduced.

Also, most companies have different exclusion clauses and limitations so you should check these out before you sign anything. Look out for clauses that mean your possessions are uninsured if the property is unattended for a specified period of time or during vacation periods.

Whatever you decide to do about your insurance policy, remember that no or low insurance is false economy, burglaries and damage do happen, so make sure that if the worst happens you are not losing out.

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