Councils are being funded to avoid rogue landlords

Landlord Today is reporting that councils have been invited to bid for their share of a new fund which is being made available to help tackle private rogue landlords.

A new £3m fund is being made available for local councils to tackle private rogue landlords. Housing minister Mark Prisk has written to all local authorities inviting them to put in their bids by September 20.
In his letter, he says that a small minority of rogue landlords put tenants in overcrowded or poorly maintained accommodation. As well as the impact that has on tenants, these poor living conditions can have a major impact on the local area, says Prisk. This government is determined to crack down on rogue landlords who have no place in the sector.

As a tenant you should consider dealing with a reputable agent. We are extremely lucky at Belvoir lettings in Kettering, we’ve never dealt with landlords who fit in to this criteria although I’m sure they are out there, we have enough experinece in the fanchise to avoid rogue landlords.

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