Graham Jones MP leads debate on selective licensing of landlords

Even more reason to use an established Letting Agent such as Belvoir Kettering!

MP Graham Jones is calling for the government to amend the selective licensing of private landlords he made some very strong and valid points and the amendments would certainly protect private tenants from poor living conditions and rogue landlords. However, Local councils do not currently have the resources to enforce and prosecute landlords for letting non-decent homes, and argued that extending the scope of licensing to include housing quality would partly resolve this.

Further MP’s spoke about the value of voluntary accreditation schemes over licensing schemes. Responding, Mr Jones said that, while he saw the value in accreditation schemes, they did not deal with the issue that “poor landlords or long-distance landlords do not want to be accredited and do not participate in such schemes”.

Mr Foster stated that the Government strongly supports local authorities in setting up voluntary licensing schemes for landlords and outlined that the Government was not yet convinced that more licensing powers for councils were currently needed.