Worried about damage?

Here are my top tips for avoiding costly damages and the lengthy void periods required to repair your property:

1 – Comprehensive Referencing

Make sure that you check into the background of your tenant. Among the referencing checks about their employment, finances and credit history, find out about previous tenancies. What does their previous Landlord have to say about them?

2 – Trust your instincts

Spend time getting to know your tenant before they sign on the dotted line. Is this someone you feel you will be able to trust to look after your property?

3 – Detailed Inventory

Make sure you have a thorough, professional inventory carried out that includes photographs of the general condition of the property and also of any special items e.g. decorative tiles around a fireplace. If your property has been professionally cleaned then say so and take photos that demonstrate this e.g. the inside of the oven. If you are using an agent ask to see an example of an inventory.

4 – Visit the Property

Make visits to the property on a regular basis, ideally every three months. Check the condition of the property on each visit with reference to your inventory, and address any damage with the tenant early.