The dreaded water leak!

On Friday morning I received one of those calls that agents dread ‘There’s water leaking into the flat below!’. The culprit?? This little piece of pipe.

Encased safely behind a breeze block wall in the bathroom of a 5th floor flat this pipe had been comfortably in place for many years.

However, if you look closely you’ll notice that in the centre of the pipe is a tiny pin-prick hole caused by corrosion. A fine but constant spray of water had been flowing out of this hole and onto the floor below for some time, hidden behind the wall and bath panel.

Finding the exact point of the leak was difficult as we could only look up from under the bath panel and then actually smashing through the wall in such a confined space was tricky – you need space to swing a hammer with any force!

However I’m pleased to say that within two hours of arriving at the property we managed to fix the pipe and minimise the damage caused!

Many thanks to Martin from Associated Response and Andy Stylianou of ATS, it’s reassuring to know that there are so many good local tradespeople around!