Thinking of selling your Enfield Property but worried you've left it too late?

We may not have any snow in Enfield (yet!) but I can definitely hear some sleigh bells jingling away in the distance.

Yes it's Christmas and if you're looking to sell your property you're probably thiniking you can write off the rest of this year – 'No-one is going to be looking now so lets just close the doors, enjoy Christmas, get through the New Year parties and then once we've had a quick tidy up we'll get a couple of agents round and start marketing.' 

Sounds like a good plan but if you wait that long are you missing a trick? Well, yes, I think you might be.

Granted your chances of being inundated with viewers between now and 1st January is very, very slim, but people who are thinking about moving will probably be thinking exactly the same as you –'We'll just wait until the parties have finished…..'.

The attached chart shows the number of property pages viewed every day between 1st January 2017 and 1st January 2018.
You can see how the views started dropping from November but you can also see how they then rise again sharply at the beginning of January, in fact 2nd January 2018 was the 3rd busiest day of the previous 12 months! 

The moral of this story is that if you want to hit the New Year running, having your property ready to go before Christmas and online before New Year is a great idea. 

(P.S. Most houses look great with the decorations up, so if you can get a viewing in early………)