Ready for winter?

Up until recently this small section of pipe was concealed behind the bathroom wall of a fifth floor flat. Unfortunately the tiny hole in the middle of the corroded area was letting out a very fine but constant spray of water that continued for some time before the leak (and damage!) was spotted and the pipe could be replaced.

This reminded me of the increased risk of water damage at this time of year.  

So as the weather gets colder, here are a few things to check in your property:

Pipes and tanks – Are they well insulated and lagged?

Boiler – is it working efficiently and has it been service in the last 12 months?

Going away for Christmas? – If your property is going to be vacant then leave the heating on at a low temperature to reduce the risk of pipes freezing.

There’s also an increased risk of fire as we all try to stay warm and cosy inside, so have a look at:

Chimneys – Make sure they’re swept once a year, ideally before you light a fire!

Smoke alarms – Test your alarms now as open fires, candles and fairy lights all add to the risk.If your property is tenanted make sure your tenant is aware of the risks and how to avoid them.

While the chances of the worst happening are slim it’s always worth making these few extra checks and double checking your insurance!