Private Rental Sector Licensing - Update

Enfield Council are currently consulting on proposals to introduce additional and selective licensing, throughout the borough, to all private rental sector housing.

The objectives of these schemes are to tackle anti-social behaviour and to identify rogue landlords, as the Council believe that there is a direct link between the increase in the private rental sector and the increase in anti-social behaviour

Each license will cost £575 (or £250 for early adopters), will cover one property only and will last for five years.

The licenses will also have a number of conditions associated with them which the Landlord (or license holder) will need to ensure are complied with.

Do you think these proposals will achieve the desired objectives?

Belvoir Enfield have already met with Council representatives to give our opinion on these proposals but what do you think?

Please visit the Council website, read the Consultation Paper and supporting documentation, and complete the questionnaire to register your opinion –

We would also be interested in knowing your thoughts