How to switch agents mid-tenancy

On the previous page we looked at some of the reasons why landlords are unhappy with their agents, and also why they can end up putting up with bad service for longer than they would in any other situation.

Here are a few simple steps that any landlord can take to change their agent, rather than putting up with an unsatisfactory situation.

The first thing you need to do is


Just like a Tenancy Agreement your Contract with the agent (Terms of Business) will outline how much (if any) notice you need to give to end the agreement.


Make sure you do this in writing and request confirmation. It’s also worth scheduling your notice in line with the tenancy periods so that you change agents at the point that rent is due.


Make sure you have the correct details for your tenant. You should already have these details on their original Tenancy Agreement but it’s worth confirming with the agent that they are still accurate.


You will probably have an agent in mind already but if not now is the time to do some research. I always recommend a face-to-face meeting with the person that you will be dealing with on an on-going basis. I also think it’s important to specifically ask them how they would deal with any of the problems and issues that have led to your search for a new agent, would they do things differently?


Always review the Terms of Business carefully before signing and question anything that you don’t understand.

Try and instruct your new agent early as there are a number of things they will need to do including:

Contacting the new tenant and arranging to meet with them. This is not only so that they can get to know each other but also to make arrangements for the changeover for example new standing order details for rent payments.Creating a new Tenancy Agreement. This is not always necessary but can be tidier for all concerned, and help to ensure that the tenancy is compliant with changing legislation.Transferring the deposit and ensuring it is protected

Following these simple steps can take the hassle out of switching and leave you feeling more in control of the situation. If you need any help or advice about the details or you encounter problems please contact the Belvoir Office.