How pet-friendly are you?

Belvoir Enfield are proud new members of the Lets with Pets Scheme run by the charity Dogs Trust, a scheme supported by the Propertymark Scheme.

Instinctively, most Landlords would prefer not to rent their property to tenants with pets. Almost immediately concerns are raised around issues such as the noise of a barking dog, furniture being scratched by sharp claws on a cat and the occasional ‘accident’ ruining carpets. This can make it very difficult for pet owners to find a suitable home.

However, nowadays roughly 48% of the population have a pet, so taking a more pet-friendly approach can dramatically increase demand for your property!

My experience is also that people with pets tend to be looking for homes for the longer term. Anyone who’s ever moved house with a cat can tell you how traumatic it can be, so it’s not something to do on a regular basis.

Obviously concerns will still exist but these can be mitigated by asking for a larger deposit, inserting additional clauses in the Tenancy Agreement and agreeing that the tenant will carry out a full professional clean at the end of the tenancy. Also, you can ask key questions up front such as whether a cat will need a litter tray or cat flap, and how long a dog will be left at home alone.

With 20% of homes in the Borough of Enfield being privately let, opening up your property to pet owners could give it the edge!

If you’re a Landlord considering whether to open up your property to those with pets, or you’re a tenant finding it impossible to find a property with your pet in tow, please give us a call to discuss your situation.

The Lets with Pets scheme also has lots of helpful advice and guidance for landlords and tenants available on their website Lets with Pets