Edmonton - property hotspot!!

Last year the N9 postcode area was widely acknowledged as one of the buy-to-let hotspots in London.

Indeed a study by the search engine Home.co.uk looking a two bedroom properties put Lower Edmonton at number one with an average gross yield of 7.8%! This was above Plaistow at 7.5%, trendy Stratford at 7.2% and the rest of Greater London where often the yield was less than 4%.

So what makes a hotspot a hotspot? Well generally they are densely populated areas with good housing demand and transport links, however the trend factor can also play a part and often areas that are seen as fashionable by working 20 something’s but are maybe a little bit too edgy for families, will also do well.

However, investment is about capital growth as well as yield, and again properties in Greater London do well in this area. In Lower Edmonton the average price of property has gone up approximately £49,800 (25.7%) over 5 years compared to £42,500 (21.9%) in Plaistow and £44,600 (19.1%) in Stratford.

It’s no great surprise that yields in Enfield are higher in the east of the borough but it is good to see us performing so well against the rest of London and also to see such positive capital growth.